Happy Customers

Happy Client at Richard Bennett Custom Tailors

Our clients are our biggest asset

They drive us to be our best so they can look and feel their best. And, we can’t achieve their praise without really getting to know each and every one – which we do with pleasure and delight!

So, we trust what they say about Richard Bennett and hope their words will inspire you to join our family.

Happy Customers

“Top flight shop! Cathy M knows her stuff and RB ensures your experience is all about what you want it to be! Zero pressure, helpful guidance, and nothing but the best experience. “
“None of the other tailors we called [in Chicago] were willing to take up the challenge of creating a women’s suit. That all changed when we called Richard Bennett Custom Tailors.”
“While my wedding suit journey initially started with a ton of frustration, I can’t stress enough how happy I was with the final product from these very talented ladies. That final fitting where I got to see my suit in its finished state, I had a HUGE smile on my face. I received a ton of fantastic feedback at my wedding from guests on how stunning the suit looked. I firmly believe the hard work by Cathy and Vikki stole the show that day and I am so grateful to have had them!”
“Thank you so much to Cathy, Vikki, and the Richard Bennett Custom Tailors team for making my [wedding] day so special and perfect! I would recommend them to anyone!”
“Damn!!!! Great service!!”
“William took care of me in an entirely professional manner that still made the experience fun. I ordered two pairs of pants initially, and after seeing the fit and the quality of the work, have now ordered two more, plus a suit.”
“The price was also a pleasant surprise. I have purchased off the rack at Saks and Nordstrom for more, without the custom fit. If you shop at those stores, do yourself a favor and upgrade. You will be glad that you did.”
“RBCT has become my go-to tailor in Chicago. Conveniently located and unbeatable in terms of both quality and customer service. A real classic place that makes you feel proud to be a Chicagoan.”
“There’s no other place that comes close. I’m a very finicky guy and these guys have never made me less than completely satisfied.”
“I’d recommend them to anybody. The location is super-convenient for me, but even if I moved offices I would go out of my way to stop by Richard Bennett.”
“I‘ve just been back for some more (of my new favorite) pants, and suffice it to say, Richard Bennett’s customer service is exceptional. I’ve been in only a couple times now, but I’m always greeted by name. Definitely an atmosphere that makes me want to go back, never mind the sensational product.”
“The quality of the hand-stitched button holes, the precision of the pressing, the evenness of the stitching in the seams – it is the details of construction which truly set the bespoke garment apart. The details are where this small shop excels.”
“Do not try to rush the process. This is a small shop – not a factory front. Bespoke is not like made-to-measure. If you approach the process with factory expectations you are setting yourself up for frustration. Approach this as an experience of working with a team of artisans in creating a wearable work of art, and you will have a blast, learn a lot, and have a product that will last for years.”
“I couldn’t be more pleased and will definitely return to Richard Bennett for all my tailoring and custom design needs. Happy happy customer!!”
“A great experience from start to finish.”
“I walked out with an excellent suit that fits perfectly. This despite my bizarre body shape, and for less than I thought it would cost. Everyone at the shop was helpful and courteous, and I’m definitely going there before buying off the rack again.”
“These guys are great. I had my first made-to-measure suit built for me recently after having two done at [another custom tailor]. What a difference. They use similar materials but the difference in quality is apparent from the beginning.”
“Never will I buy off the rack again. When something fits right, you want more.”
“The service was nice, friendly and [they] asked me what I was looking for and not pushing things I didn’t ask for.”
“I simply can’t buy off the rack due to my “unique” body type. I had tried my hand with a national chain and walked away with 3 pairs of slacks that didn’t fit to my specifications that were expensive and had to say “no” to the jacket. I was left to feel it was me and not them… Enter Richard Bennett. I now have a beautiful, custom made suit that fits me like the proverbial glove.”
“It was good to work with tailors who are onsite. I got to interact with the women who created my suit, not just a sales person.”

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