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Our Mission

True quality and unsurpassed personal service

Since 1929 we have been focused on just one thing – hand-tailored, from-scratch garments that flatter the shape and boost the outlook of men and women who seek and appreciate true quality and unsurpassed personal service.


From business classic to luxury casual and everywhere in between, our custom-made clothing fits like none other and reflects the good taste and success of the wearer.


Our small cadre of designers and master tailors have decades of experience and are able to guide our clients with their insightful, seasoned advice. We continue to honor the European tradition of exquisite hand craftmanship and our legacy of one-on-one service – they guide our business in every way.

We honor that “old-school” legacy every day with our pride in the work, service to clients and the magnificent garments they wear.

Our Heritage

Our Story

I’d like to welcome you to Richard Bennett. Our heritage as Chicago’s leading custom tailor goes back ninety years and three generations. I am proud of our legacy of quality and service. It endures today and guides our business in every way. I look forward to meeting you soon and being of service!
— Albert Karoll, 3rd Generation Chicago Haberdasher


In the 1920’s, my grandfather, Herb Karoll, began selling hats and shirt collars in downtown Chicago. Herbert’s Men’s Shops grew quickly.


As Herb’s business expanded into men’s tailored clothing and sportswear, it was renamed Karoll’s Red Hanger Shops – a play on its signature red décor and hangers – in the 1940’s. The business would ultimately grow to fourteen stores with its flagship at State and Washington streets.


In 1952, Richard Bennett Custom Tailors is founded in downtown Chicago by Mr. Nick Sander. Catering to traditional businessmen and professionals, Richard Bennett rapidly became known as the landmark shop for classic quality, custom made clothing – always made in American to fit right and wear well.


After a brief stint in journalism, I decided to pick up and carry on the age-old craft of custom-tailoring. Working from a small studio and calling on customers in their homes and offices, my formula was simple: fine custom clothing plus the convenience of shopping direct. As my business outgrew my home office, I had the opportunity, in 1988, to acquire Richard Bennett Tailors.


Well on its way to becoming Chicago’s leading and best-known custom clothing resource, we added 3 other small shops into our rapidly growing company in the early 1990’s: Rudi Custom Tailors, Ferraro Brothers and Luchetta Tailors.


Upon entering the new millennium, the world of custom tailoring began to feel the pull of ‘fast fashion’ on consumer’s wallets and many ‘old-school’ gems struggled to compete. Not wanting to lose that legacy of true craftmanship, Richard Bennett was able to acquire Chicago’s foremost “bespoke” tailoring firm, the 80-year old D. DeBartolo & Company. In acquiring this legacy business in 2001, we combined DeBartolo’s historic lineage with Richard Bennett’s retail credentials.


In 2018, we acquired Riddle McIntyre Shirtmakers – Chicago’s pre-eminent custom shirt maker since 1916 – to bring the finest hand-designed and -made dress shirts into our own facility. Under the direction of Mr. Frank Kang, Riddle was the last remaining shop of its kind – well known for fit, quality, elegance, style and panache!


Today, we are proud to be the only shop with genuine tailors and shirt makers working side by side in Chicago, perpetuating these venerable crafts and delivering the finest garments to our clients. Every day we work hard to honor our business heritages as we pursue every avenue of excellence and customer convenience.
“As a small business, we understand and appreciate true customer service and dedicate ourselves to exceeding your expectations. Each member of our family – from our savvy sales managers to our deft tailors – is committed to handling your Richard Bennett experience with the utmost care, respect and convenience.”

Our Staff

Albert Karoll Tailor at Richard Bennett Custom Tailors

Contact Albert at Albert@rbtailors.com

Albert Karoll

Albert’s heritage in menswear dates back to the 1920s when his grandfather, Herb, founded Karoll’s Red Hanger Shops, which grew to a fourteen store, ready-made clothing chain around Chicago.

Albert’s philosophy has always centered on customer service: “Without quality workmanship, attention to detail and convenient service, our business cannot succeed.” In addition to the overall management of operations, Albert still maintains a full schedule of customer appointments and travels extensively throughout Chicagoland and beyond.

An avid sports fan, swimmer and FC Barcelona supporter, Albert works with our pro athlete clientele. He is a dedicated husband and father of three.

Cathy Marsom

Since joining Richard Bennett in 2005, Cathy has established herself as an expert in custom tailoring and a skilled personal clothier. Combining impeccable taste and great service, Cathy makes sure that her clients look and feel great in the wardrobes she creates.

Cathy also directs Richard Bennett’s growing woman’s business and personally supervises every element of our women’s orders. A native of Michigan and Michigan State alumnus, Cathy is now proud to call Chicago home.

cathy marsom

Contact Cathy at Cathy@rbtailors.com

lloyd hale

Contact Lloyd at Lloyd@rbtailors.com

Lloyd Hale

A clothing industry veteran, Lloyd joined Richard Bennett in 2016 and is director of our Corporate Sales division. Working with over 35 office buildings and institutions, Lloyd oversees sales and delivery of tailored uniforms and dress accessories to security and concierge staff in the downtown and surrounding areas – and as far away as NYC! From suits to shoes, dress shirts to doorman coats, Lloyd has developed our fastest growing business and brings the highest levels of professionalism and savvy to every client experience.

Meet our tailors

These classically trained and highly skilled craftsman transform fabric into garments that you will wear well and treasure for years to come.

Viorica Tarnauceanu

“Vicky” brings old-world quality and skill to our shop from her native Romania. She hand finishes every hem and edge of our garments and carefully hand sews each sleeve button-hole.

Viorica also works closely with our women clients, measuring, designing and hand-crafting custom garments that look great and fit perfectly!

Viorica Tarnauceanu Tailor at Richard Bennett Custom Tailors in Downtown Chicago
Cornelia Gheorghe Tailor At Richard Bennett Custom Tailors

Cornelia Gheorghe

A native of Romania who joined Richard Bennett in 2015, Cornelia has become an important part of our custom tailoring process. Working on small needle and fine sewing tasks, Cornelia handles and finishes all of our top-end garments – making sure that each button hole is precisely hand sewn to the highest accuracy level and every seam and lining is perfectly placed. These jobs require tremendous concentration and skill — Cornelia is the consummate pro!

Freddy Garcia

The steady hands and careful eye of Freddy Garcia guide and craft every custom shirt – making sure that every seam, button and collar is perfect.

A native of Central America, Freddy has anchored our shirt process for many years with his hard work and attention to detail.

freddy garcia
Auksuole Marciulewiciene Tailor at Richard Bennett Custom Tailors

Auksuole Marciulewiciene

Our most recent tailoring hire, Auksuole originally hails from Lithuania and brings old-world, European skill and sensibility to our women’s custom department.

Fondly known as “Goldie,” her hand-finishing and sewing skills are critical to our custom designs and she has quickly become an invaluable part of our success.

Eleanor Shiba

Our pocket maker, Eleanor handles every custom garment – carefully matching plaids and aligning the fronts of each jacket. Eleanor also tackles much of the alteration work for both men and women – especially the hard-to-do and fine needle work jobs. Her style and friendly personality have quickly endeared her to our clientele and colleagues in the shop. Eleanor has worked for a variety of other clothing stores in Chicago and is an important part of our staff.

eleanor shiba
Anne Brody Tailor at Richard Bennett Custom Tailors

Anne Brody

Since joining our company in 2018, Anne has anchored and directed our business operations with efficiency and skill. Streamlining our “back-room” and vendor relationships, Anne’s efforts have allowed our sales and tailoring staff to focus on client service and creative excellence.

An attorney and mother of four, Anne is a tremendous asset to our company, business partners and clients.

“There’s no other place that comes close. I’m a very finicky guy and these guys have never made me less than completely satisfied”

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